Do Any Online Casino Games Offer Over 100% RTP?

3/18/2021 12:45:03 PM

  Return to player (RTP) is an important concept in any casino game. It determines how much money you’ll win on average when gambling.

  The vast majority of casino games feature lower than 100% RTP. After all, casinos need to make their money somehow for providing the games.

  In rare cases, though, you can find games that feature over 100% payback. In this case, you could earn guaranteed profits over time. Assuming you were able to play these games in online casinos, you could even sit at home while making profits!

  Are there actually any mobile casino games that feature over 100% RTP? I’ll answer this question below while discussing games that commonly offer 100%+ payback and if any of them are found online.

  What Casino Games Normally Feature Over 100% Payback?

  Casinos don’t like giving you an opportunity to win guaranteed money. Instead, they want a slight edge so that they’re guaranteed profits.

  This is why nearly every game and bet features a house advantage. However, gambling establishments are occasionally willing to surrender their edge in video poker.

  Certain video poker variations offer over 100% RTP with perfect strategy, including the following:

  Full-Pay Deuces Wild = 100.76% RTP

  10/7 Double Bonus = 100.17%

  10/6 Double Double Bonus = 100.07%

  Full-pay means the best possible pay table for a given video poker game. The 10/7 and 10/6 in front of Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus, respectively, indicate how many coins these games pay for a full house and flush.

  The problem with any of these machines, though, is that they’re only available in Nevada. Full-pay Deuces Wild is even rarer because it’s only found in a couple of Las Vegas casinos.

  You can play blackjack with an RTP of 100% or more if you count cards. But the base game can’t be beat if you don’t count cards.

  Are Any Online Casino Games Beatable Long Term?

  You can see that land-based casino games with over 100% RTP are only available in one state. But what about mobile casino games?

  At one time, Bovada Casino offered a Joker Poker game with 100.05% RTP. You could win a small profit with this game over time just by playing on your smartphone at home.

  With that said, Bovada Joker Poker was quite popular among video poker enthusiasts. The keyword here is “was.”

  Bovada has since modified the Joker Poker pay table so that it no longer offers over 100% RTP. As it now stands, no online casino game anywhere features more than 100% payback.

  As I’ll explain later, some mobile games offer close to this payout percentage, but they fall just short of providing an advantage over the house.

  Can You Still Win Profits at Online Casinos?

  You can see that it’s no longer possible to grind out guaranteed winnings at mobile casinos. After all, no gaming site currently features a game with more than 100% payback.

  However, this isn’t to say that you can’t still win money. You could use a combination of a high-paying game and hope for a little luck.

  Of course, you can never be sure when good fortune will come. But when you’re playing a game with 99% RTP or higher, you don’t need lots of extra luck to win.

  You can also take a stab at getting really lucky through online slots. Some of these games offer multimillion-dollar jackpots or other prizes worth 50,000x your stake or more. In the latter case, you could place a $20 wager and win up to $1 million.

  Profits are still possible at mobile casinos regardless of the absence of 100%+ games. You’ll just need a combination of good luck and strategy to make winnings happen.

  What Are the Highest Paying Mobile Casino Games?

  No online casino game exists today that delivers guaranteed theoretical profits. However, some of them come pretty close.

  What’s nice is that the highest-paying opportunities are spread throughout multiple games. You can enjoy a great chance to win no matter if you’re playing blackjack, craps, or video poker.

  Here are some of the highest-paying online casino games:

  Microgaming All Aces (Double Bonus) – 99.92% RTP

  Ezugi Blackjack Surrender – 99.89%

  1×2 Gaming Blackjack Bonus – 99.82%

  RealTime Gaming 8/5 Aces and Eights – 99.78%

  Betsoft Craps and Playtech craps – 99.68%

  Microgaming’s All Aces is especially attractive here. It’s only one-tenth of a percent from offering a long-term advantage.

  If you’re a blackjack fan, then you’ll love Ezugi’s surrender game. This variation is only two-tenths of a percent from providing you an edge.

  The Betsoft and Playtech craps games are worthwhile if you’re into rolling the dice. You’ll enjoy 99.68% RTP when making a don’t pass line bet with 3x odds in either game.

  Tips for Improving RTP for Online Casino Games

  You shouldn’t rely on high payback alone to win money. After all, you can boost your bankroll even more with a few simple tips. Here’s advice on maximizing your winnings at mobile casinos.

  Research the Best Payout Percentages

  I’ve covered the highest-paying mobile casino games. If you’re interested in other games, though, then you should definitely research their RTP before playing.

  You can do so by using relevant terms and search engines. Assuming you’re a slots player, for example, you might look up “slots highest RTP.”

  If you already have some favorite online casino games, you should definitely check out their info screens. Depending upon the provider, this section should feature a game’s RTP.

  Make the Right Bets

  Sometimes, it’s not enough to just play a game with high payback. You must place certain bets while playing to achieve the top payout percentage.

  You can’t play craps, for example, and expect high payback when making low-paying prop bets. Instead, you must place a pass line (98.59% RTP) or don’t pass line bet (99.64%) that’s backed with odds.

  If a game features multiple variations, you need to keep this aspect in mind too. 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker (99.54% RTP), for example, pays better than 8/5 Jacks or Better (97.30%).

  Learn Whatever Strategy Is Involved

  Most high-paying casino games contain some element of strategy. You’ll have more chances to win money with these games as a skilled player.

  Blackjack and video poker are two of the most strategic games. They each require you to learn extensive strategy before achieving the highest payback.

  Other games, such as craps, only require knowing the best bets to get the highest payback. Nevertheless, you still need to study which wagers pay the most.

  Take Advantages of Bonuses and VIP Rewards

  Bonuses and loyalty rewards offer additional ways to make money through mobile casino games. The bonuses can be especially lucrative.

  For example, you might receive a 100% match bonus on your first deposit worth up to $500 or $1,000. You’ll be able to withdraw the bonus cash after meeting terms and conditions.

  You can also look forward to VIP rewards and online loyalty perks, including cashback, extra deposit bonuses, and free slots spins.

  One thing that you want to check for, though, is which games qualify for bonuses and VIP rewards. After all, gaming sites don’t always give bonuses and loyalty benefits for the highest-paying games.

  You can check out the terms and conditions to figure out which games qualify. Those that don’t qualify will be mentioned under a “restricted” section.


  Unfortunately, the days of any mobile casino games offering over 100% RTP are long gone. Bovada’s Joker Poker (100.05% RTP) is the last game to provide such an advantage.

  However, the absence of such games doesn’t mean that you can’t make money at online casinos. Some games feature nearly 100% RTP and provide a good chance to win.

  Microgaming’s All Aces (99.92% RTP), Ezugi’s blackjack (99.89%), and Real Time’s Aces and Eights (99.78%) are examples of outstanding online payback.

  If you’re going to play any of these games, though, then you should definitely learn proper strategy. Expert strategy ensures that you reach the best-available RTP for a given game.

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