How to play war game?

3/22/2021 10:58:05 AM

1. Select the chip denomination with which you would like to bet.
2. Place your betys by dlicking on the Bet position to make a Game Bet and/or the Tie
position to make a Tie Bet.
3. Once a chip is placed, dick on the initial chip/s to increase the bet.
4. To remove the last bet/s placed dlick Undo.
5. To remove all bets placed click Clear Bets.
6. Click Deal to start the hand.
7. The game rules and sequence of play is described below.
8. Click Rebet after the hand has completed to repeat your previous bet.
9. click New Game to change your previous bet for the next hand.
In War, either a Game bet or a Tie bet must be placed before the cards can be dealt.
The player receives 1 card face up.
The dealer receives 1 card face up.
According to the Card Rankings:
if the player beats the dealer, the player is paid evens- or 1 to 1 on the Game
bet, the Tie bet loses, and the game is ended.
if the player loses to the dealer, the Game bet and the Tie bet lose, and the
game is ended.
if the player ties with the dealer:

if the player placed a Tie bet, then the player is paid 11 - 1.
if the player placed a Game bet, the player must decide to Surrender or
(Go To) War.
By surrendering, the player is paid 50% back on the Game bet and the game is ended.
If the player goes to war:
the player's Game bet is doubled
If the player has insufficient funds to double his Game bet they may
deposit more funds and retum to the game at a later date.
three burmt cards are dealt face down and a fifth card is dealt face up to the
a second card is dealt face up to the player.
the dealer's fifth card Vs. the player's second card is evaluated according to the
card rankings:
if the player ties with or beats the dealer, the player is paid 3 times the
player's original Game Bet and the game is ended.

if the player loses to the dealer the game is ended.
Game is played with 6 decks of cards. Cards are shufled at the start of each game.
Card Rankings are face valuei.e. 2,3, 4,5, 6, 7,8,9, 10,J, Q K, A
。By default the last 10 games' results are displayed in the top left corner of the screen.
。The last 50 games' results can be viewed by dicking the ROADMAP button on the
bottom of the table.
o The results are only available for the CurTent session and will deared if the game is 
。D- indicates the Dealer card beat the Player card.
P - indicates the Player card beat the Dealer card.
。T - indicates, on the original deal, the Player card tied with the Dealer card.
With optimal strategy, the theoretical RTP of this game is 97.30%
The theoretical RTP for the Tie bet game, only, is 88. 75% 
Min and Max Limits apply to initial chip placement/s on the table layout per betting position
prior to cards being dealt.
If connection is lost and the game action was received by the server, the game action will
be processed on the server side. If the game state is resumeable the player can continue
from after their last action. If the game action was final the resulted game will be visible in 
Game History only.
Malfunction voids all plays and pays.