★How to bet on the football  Millionaire 14+1?

12/27/2021 2:46:00 PM

    How to bet on the football  Millionaire 14+1 on Enjoybet website?

    1. What is Millionaire 14+1

    What does Millionaire 14+1 mean?

    Millionaire 14+1 is a betting product promoted and operated by Enjoy Bet on pre-selected 14 matches and 1 bonus match, totally 15 matches.

millionaira 14+1

Millionaire 14+1

    2. How to bet on Millionaire 14+1?

    1. Sign up

to use our Services, you must first register an account. During the account creation process, you will be required to enter your personal details during the account registration process, which may include your mobile number, full legal name, etc. In the event your registration information is inaccurate or incomplete, you will be required to update such information upon request.

Register on the Enjoy website

    2. deposit

(1.) Go to "My Account" section and click on the "deposit".

(2.) Enter the amount you want to deposit and choose one method of payment to deposit, then click the button “Next” to complete the deposit.

    3. How to bet on football Millionaire 14+1?

On the home page of enjoybet, click on Millionaire 14+1 to place bets on 14 matches. For any given match a Player may make one or more selections of alternative results. Adding more than one selection, will although increasing the cost of the entry . For example-if two selections are picked in two matches and one result in all other matches then this multi-selection ticket will cost 40UGX (in case of a 10UGX stake) If two selections are picked in three matches and one result in all other matches then the entry fee will be 80UGX.

    4. Confirm the bet.

    3. How to win Millionaire 14+1?

Level Match Prize
1 14+1 Share 4,000,000+UGX
2 13+1 Share 250,000+UGX
3 14+0 Share 100,000+UGX
4 Any 13 games Share 20,000+UGX
5 Any 12 games Share 30,000+UGX

    4. Who can bet on the football betting Millionaire 14+1?

    Our Service is restricted to individuals of legal age (25) who are residents of jurisdictions where the use of our Service is not prohibited by law. All bets are void where prohibited by law.

    5. When can I bet on Millionaire 14+1?

    You can bet on Millionaire 14+1 before the end of the selected game.

    6. Where can I play Millionaire 14+1?

    The EnjoyBet online betting site is licensed by the National Lottery and Gaming Board Uganda. Online sports betting, football betting, Casino games,If you enjoyed online betting and casino games,EnjoyBet have everything you need to get started,the website is being recommended and selected by more gamers.

    7. Why is Millionaire 14+1 popular?

    Popular games and highly welcoming games have attracted the attention of countless fans. While watching the game, you can also feel the fun of a quiz.

    8. Matters needing attention

    Settlement, Abandonment and Postponement

    All match settlements are based on the result at the end of regular time. This includes any added stoppage time,but does not include extra time and penalty shoot-out.

    In case of a postponement/abandonment, the Company will have the right to wait for 24 hours for the match to start/resume.

    If matches does not resume within 24 hours,then the result will be considered a draw.

    The ticket will be canceled when 3 or more matches are postponed or canceled, and your bet amount will be refunded.

    Payment of winnings

    All winnings will be paid out shortly after the last match on the ticket has finished and all results have been confirmed.


    Predictions are open until the kick off time of the first match on and all entries must be submitted before advertised pool closure time. Any entries after will be declared void with stakes refunded.