Ibrahimovic kicks Juventus with knee injury and may not be able to participate in the European Cup

5/11/2021 9:28:57 AM

    In the game against Juventus, although AC Milan won, their general Ibrahimovic was injured because of an injury. This injury caused serious trouble to Ibrahimovic.

    Ibrahimovic fell to the ground holding his knees in the second half of the fight, and then unable to hold on, he was replaced by Leibic. "Goal Net" revealed that Ibrahimovic needs to be injured for how long he has to draw a big question mark. His own goal is to play in this year's European Cup, but because he injured his knee, this also makes Ibrahimovic's participation in the European Cup questionable.

    Ibrahimovic has suffered serious knee injuries during his career. When I was at Manchester United, Ibrahimovic had been missing for a long time because of a knee injury. This time Ibrahimovic is almost 39 years old, and there is undoubtedly greater uncertainty as to how long it will take him to recover.