Summer Olympics,empty venues may lose 2.4 trillion

7/21/2021 11:46:36 AM

    Empty venues may lose 2.4 trillion yuan
    As we all know, tickets are a major source of income for the Olympic Games. But the Tokyo Olympics may be the Olympics with the fewest audiences in history.
    Following the announcement in March this year that it would not accept overseas audiences, on July 11, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Chief Executive Toshiro Muto said that because the Olympic Games in five regions including Tokyo will be held empty, out of the 750 games of the Tokyo Olympics, 97% of the games will be held empty. Compared with the original plan, only 3% of ordinary local spectators who have purchased tickets can go to the scene to watch the game.
    This means that it is expected that the ticket revenue of up to 90 billion will be lost to billions of yen, and the loss will be very heavy.
    Earlier, according to Katsuhiro Miyamoto, an honorary professor at Kansai University, Japan, if the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were held empty, it would cause a loss of 2.4133 trillion yuan. Professor Miyamoto has repeatedly estimated the economic losses of the Tokyo Olympics under different conditions: the loss of one year’s postponement is 640 billion; the economic loss of the simplified version is 1.3898 trillion; if the Tokyo Olympics is cancelled, Japan’s economic losses will be Up to 4.5 trillion.