Group D: Three strong contendings for hegemony, the Brazilian Legion has outstanding record

7/23/2021 9:03:49 AM

Group D: Three strong contendings for hegemony, the Brazilian Legion has outstanding record

The Brazilian National Olympics won the last Olympic Games homeland, making up for the regret of losing to Mexico in the 2012 final. In the last 3 Olympics, Brazil's champion, runner-up and runner-up each won once, demonstrating the deep youth training strength of Brazilian football. In this year's Brazil Olympics, 38-year-old Alves led a group of little monsters to attack 327 million pounds. The value is second only to Spain. The winning odds are closely followed by 4.00, which is worth optimistic about.

The German National Olympic Games lost to Spain in the 2019 European Youth Championship and won the runner-up. The last Olympic Games lost to the host Brazil. Before that, the German National Olympic Games had missed 6 consecutive Olympic Games. The only Olympic champion was in 1976. The majority of the German Olympic players are from the Bundesliga, with a total worth of 115 million pounds. They are behind Brazil in their group and have no advantage over Côte d’Ivoire.

The Côte d’Ivoire National Olympics is the runner-up of the 2019 Non-Youth Championship. The only time the team participated in the Olympics was in 2008, losing to Nigeria in the quarterfinals. Côte d’Ivoire pays special attention to the Olympics this time. Although it is only an African team, the team is worth 106.9 million pounds. The vast majority of them play in the European League, including Milan genius midfielder Casey and Manchester United iron guard Bailey.

The Saudi National Olympics lost to South Korea in the Asian Youth Championship last year and won the runner-up. Since 1996, it has participated in the Olympics for the second time in team history. The total value of the Saudi Olympics is 15.5 million pounds, which is not at the same level as the other three teams in Group D. All players from the Saudi Olympics play in their own leagues. The three most valuable players are all over-age players. Only the starting goalkeeper of U23 players is worth more than 1 million pounds.