Olympic men's basketball:Doncic’s 48 points are too shocking

7/26/2021 10:38:25 AM

In the Tokyo Olympic men's basketball event, Slovenia defeated Argentina 88-66 and made a good start to the Olympics. Doncic, who played in the Olympic Games for the first time, surprised the world. He scored 18 points in 29 of the games, scored 48 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks, broke multiple records, and rushed into the hot search in one fell swoop.

According to statistics, with his performance in this field, Doncic set a record for NBA players in a single game in the Olympic Games.

Attached are NBA players, Olympic single-game score list: 

Anthony (2012, 37 points in a single game);

Yao Ming (2004, 39 points in a single game);

Mills (2012, 39 points in a single game);

Doncic (2021, 48 points in a single game).