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Africa Cup of Nations recommendation: Egypt vs Nigeria

1/11/2022 9:03:52 AM

Africa Cup of Nations recommendation: Egypt vs Nigeria

A match in Group D of the African Cup of Nations, where Nigeria takes on Egypt at the Abuja Stadium. In addition to Sudan in this group, Nigeria, Egypt, and Guinea-Bissau all have the hope of qualifying for the knockout round, especially Guinea-Bissau, which is the homeland of Ansuman Fati, where there are many young football players who accept Spanish football. Although the level of the players trained is not very high, their overall strength is not bad. This also means that in the first round of the group stage, neither Nigeria nor Egypt can afford to lose.

It is a pity that although Shanghai Shenhua famous Ighalo was called up by the national team, the club he played for, Riyadh Sabab, refused to let Ighalo participate in the national team, so Ighalo, the top scorer of the 2019 African Cup, also Missed the African Cup this year. In addition to Odion Ighalo, played for Rangers midfielder Balogon due to injury missed play.

But fortunately, Nigeria's lineup is still very strong. They also have the main players of the Premier League such as Iwobi, Ishinacho, and Ndidi. They are still one of the favorite teams to win this African Cup.

On the Egyptian side of the visiting team, the lineup is very neat. Even Trezeguet, who has just returned from injury, resolutely left Aston Villa and reported to the national team. Salawi, Elneny, and the young striker Malmus, who has played quite well in Stuttgart this season, can all support the team's attacking end.

On the whole, the suggestion for this game is to be optimistic that Nigeria, which will have a relatively balanced strength in various positions, can win the first round.