2022 World Cup Odds

1/18/2022 9:42:32 AM

The 2022 Qatar World Cup kicks off at the end of the year. Relevant agencies have announced the World Cup winning odds, and Brazil, France, England, and Germany are among the best in the data.

Look at the championship-level teams first. At present the lowest is Brazil, which ranks first with a loss of 7.00, leading the major teams; however, the gap between the top teams is not large, the defending champion France ranks second with 8.00, and England and Germany are tied for third with 10.00 respectively. This is the only country with odds of 10.00 or less to win the title. The World Cup is known as the "tradition" of the defending champion's defeat in the group stage, but at present, France is still supported.

At present, Belgium, which ranks first in the world, only gives 13.00, ranking behind Spain and Argentina. In the last World Cup, almost only Belgium had a good record among the European powers. It seems that the organization is still very concerned about this Belgian team from time to time. optimistic. Although the odds of Argentina (13.00) and Portugal (17.00), where the peerless double pride Messi and Ronaldo are located, are slightly higher, they are not completely deteriorating. superstar.