2022 World Cup schedule: Cameroon vs. Brazil

7/18/2022 6:11:57 AM

African teams have always been unique on the World Cup stage, and their strength may not be top-notch, but when faced with traditional giants, Africans often create surprises. For example, Algeria, which defeated West Germany in 1982, Cameroon, which opened the door to Argentina in 1990, and Senegal, which fell to France in 2002, etc. It’s just that although the precedents of giants overturning are not uncommon, the football kingdom Brazil is an exception. Before the World Cup, the African team achieved a terrifying 100% victory in the 7th World Cup.

As the only full-time team in the World Cup, Brazil has encountered Morocco, Algeria, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Congo and Ghana 6 African teams successively, winning all 7 games and winning 18 goals. The only player who has played against Brazil twice is the African cheetah Cameroon. However, the two sides suffered a 3-goal defeat against Cameroon both times. Cameroon at its peak was regarded as the most amazing team in Africa. In the first match of the 1990 World Cup, they overthrew Argentina led by Maradona 1-0. They broke into the quarter-finals and became the first African team to reach the quarter-finals. Uncle Mira, who scored 4 goals in a single session, is famous for his iconic corner stick dance. With the pride of 4 years ago, in the second round of the 1994 World Cup group stage, Cameroon held its head high and challenged Brazil, the World Cup hegemon. This Cameroonian team is led by famous players such as Bijek and Vivianfo, and the 42-year-old Uncle Mira is also in the team. Cameroon drew 2-2 against the Nordic powerhouse Sweden in the first group match. Many voices believe that they will cause damage to Brazil. trouble. However, the process of the game disappointed the neutral fans who were watching the fire from the other side.

In the 39th minute of the first half, Dunga's long pass tore through Cameroon's defense. Romario made a single-handed shot and easily pushed into the net. Brazil broke the deadlock 1-0. Cameroon, who was behind the score, launched a counterattack, but never got a good chance to equalize.

Entering the second half with a backwardness, the Cameroonian players began to be impatient. In the 64th minute, Brazilian player Bebeto dribbled the ball from the side, and the 17-year-old Cameroonian defender Rigbet Song shoveled him directly from behind, and the referee decisively showed it. The red card sent him off, and Song became the youngest player in World Cup history to get red. Cameroon, who had played one player less, lost its combat effectiveness completely. Santos and Bebeto soon scored 2 more goals. In the end, Cameroon lost 0-3 in their first match against Brazil. Perhaps this game was too damaging to the confidence of the players. After that, Cameroon completely collapsed in the third round of the group stage and lost to Russia 1-6. The only thing that is gratifying is that Uncle Mila scored 1 goal in this rout. , became the oldest goalscorer in World Cup history. The second encounter between the two teams will be in the 2014 World Cup 20 years later. In the third round of the group stage, the host Brazil will play Cameroon at the National Stadium in the capital Brasilia. Brazil failed to qualify ahead of the match due to an upset draw with Mexico in the second round. The Selecao did their best in this campaign, while Cameroon, which had lost its 2-game losing streak, was out ahead of schedule.

Top star Eto'o was sidelined due to injury, and midfielder Alexander Song was suspended with a red card. Cameroon's starlight in this game was bleak and morale was low. The process of the game was unsurprising. The Brazilian team took the absolute initiative. In the 17th minute of the opening, Neymar scored in front of the goal and Brazil took an early lead at home. However, at this time, the Brazilian player's mentality was slack. Cameroon suddenly counterattacked in the 26th minute. After Nyom passed Alves, he crossed the goal. The unattended Matip sent the ball into the home team's gate. The audience was surprised Cameroon evened the score 1-1. But Cameroon's performance ended here, and the Brazilians immediately launched a siege. After 6 minutes, Neymar got rid of a powerful shot and scored, helping the Brazilian team to lead again through his personal ability. Cameroon, who had lost his temper, could no longer fight back. In the second half, with Fred and Fernandinho each scoring a goal, Brazil finally won 4-1 and sent Cameroon, who had lost all three games, out of the game.

As an outstanding representative of African football, Cameroonian football is fast and elegant, and often has a flash of inspiration. However, in the face of the Brazilian team with better individual skills and better overall coordination, repeated defeats have become the norm. In the Qatar World Cup this winter, Cameroon will face Brazil for the third time. After the first two big defeats, the African cheetahs will be reloaded in this tournament, striving to break the golden body of Brazil's African nemesis. 2022 World Cup schedule: Cameroon vs. Brazil at 03:00 on December 3 (Group G, Round 3, Lusail Stadium)